Commissions & Purchases

"Meander" RiverLamp(tm) - 84" tall, pine and dyed, inlaid resin.

I have sold the world over. I have sold to states, cities, corporations, individuals, and museums. About 50% of my work is sold as completed art work, the other half is commissioned. Commissions are welcome; some people request a piece similar to an existing one while other collectors request I design and build a piece to fit precisely their needs, style and location.  I Inlay of dragonfly with lacewood, rosewood, maple in background of mahogany.have designed and built pieces to complement 150 year-old homes as well as contemporary designs. Generally I charge a design fee, then a down payment once designs are accepted, and the balance due on delivery.  Monthly or quarterly payments can be made while your piece is being built. Arrangements can be made to suit almost any budget. Most of my clients are of modest means, desiring one or two nice pieces in their home or at the entry to their business. Boardroom, conference room, and public spaces are often where my works greet the most people. Reuman art can brighten a lobby and impress customers, act as a landmark or serve as part of an investment portfolio. My doors, sculpture and furniture inspire many. The RiverSeries(tm) reaches further around the globe each year. Call or “e” for prices or answers. I am often booked one month to one year in advance.

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