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A dining table by Reuman won “People’s Choice Award” at the Boulder, Colorado Open Studios event, Fall 2010.  He was chosen from among 140 entrants.  The piece was entitled “Confluence,” a dining table inlaid with dyed resin, one of Reuman’s acclaimed RiverSeries(tm) works of art.

Reuman was the featured speaker at Boulder Bookstore with the release of “Wood Art Today II.” He spoke on the value of creativity and where and how art fits into society.

An article in Sunshine Artist Magazine about the key to a long career as an artist included Reuman. Written by Cathy Stiers.

Reuman was accepted through the jury process to be one of 120 artists in Fall 2011 Open Studios event in Boulder, Colorado. The show brings interested people into the studios of professional artists. October 1,2,8,9. Noon - 6 pm each day.