Recommendation by Anonymous

            You really must see this work in person to appreciate the life in the wood and the colors of water that he puts into it. When they are illuminated it is truly stunning.

    Recommendation by Anonymous

            I represented Scott's beautiful wood/metal/resin sculpture in my Taos Gallery for a number of years. He has his own unique contemporary style and is always totally professional. If you order or contract with Scott you can be assured you are working with a highly trustworthy person who will follow through with any commitments in a timely fashion, and with integrity. I highly recommend Scott.

    Recommendation by Anonymous

            I have known Scott for over 10 years and find him to be a creative, talented woodworker and an honest person to deal with.

    Recommendation by Anonymous

            I've enjoyed Scott's work for years. HIs productions are very unusual, but functional (the furniture). I would certainly recommend him for your site.

    A true master of his craft

    Recommendation by Roger Reutimann

            As an artist myself I am always blown away by Scott's work. His love for details and its meticulous execution of his unique creations is a rare trade to find. I am a big admirer of his art.

    Recommendation by Richard Hunter

            I have known Scott since 1976. At that time, Scott worked principally as a graphic designer and photographer. His graphic work was excellent and his photography captured both a sense of motion and the "feel" of his subject matter. I've not seen his current works in wood and other media personally, but I've seen photographs of them. They look superbly thought out and crafted. That was a trademark of Scott's graphic work. I would be proud to own a piece from Scott.


            Scott Reuman's custom wood designs are provocative. They stop you in mid step. How can they be so sensuous and creative? Scott is a creative genius in many mediums.

    A Great Artisan and Person

    Recommendation by Anonymous

            Scott has custom designed a dining room table, an outdoor table and an arbor for us. Each design was unique and met our goal of an artistic yet functional piece. As importantly, Scott listens carefully, comes back with several design alternatives, and then builds a masterpiece. Scott is exceptionally creative and such a pleasure to work with and to know. We have ideas for several more works of art we hope to undertake with Scott in the near future.

    Exceptional natural artist

    Recommendation by Anonymous

            I have known Scott for almost thirty years, and I recommend him highly for his superb craftsmanship, impeccable integrity, wondrous creativity, positive energy, solid dependability, and all-around good karma. If I was dying of thirst in the desert, I would want Scott responsible for bringing me water. Scott once designed and constructed a flagstone porch and patio for my house in Denver, which featured an intricate hand-cut river pattern flowing through the entire space. It was beautiful, and a sketch of my yard was featured in a Cherry Creek art gallery. When my work situation forced me to leave Denver, the most painful part of selling my house was leaving behind Scott's artwork.

    Unique and Stunningly Beautiful

    Recommendation by Anonymous

            Much of Reuman’s highly original work reflects river imagery, with translucent colored waves flowing through the sculpted wood. The effect is both soothing and peaceful. Everything from the juxtaposition of colors through his choice of woods to his signature sculpted curves is done with exquisite care. And as if this weren’t enough, Reuman himself is a very interesting thinker, a person of great integrity and, not least, a really nice guy.

    Gifted Artist

    Recommendation by Anonymous

            Scott is a dedicated, gifted, artist who pushes the limit with his craft, pays great attention to detail and execution, and continues to inspire with new ideas and materials.

    Highest-Quality Artistry and Craftmanship

    Recommendation by Anonymous

            We are fortunate to know Scott, and to have enlisted him to design and build furniture for us that is beautiful, original, and of the absolute highest quality. We have three items in our home designed and built by Scott, and I assure you that not a single day passes that I do not stop for a moment and reflect on how special one or another of these pieces really are. Scott brings intelligence, humor, and inordinate skill to the design and development of his work: he has my highest recommendation.

    Artistic Expression with Wood

    Recommendation by Dave 6765

            I see Scott as equal part artist and woodworker. He's created some beautiful pieces in other mediums, but appears to have found what fits the best for him in wood, or a combination of wood and other materials. From his custom made doors with perfect lines and curves to his furniture pieces with custom inlays and the integration of unique resins. If you're looking for a functional but uniquely beautiful piece of furniture he could just be your man.

    Dramatic and Colorful!

    Recommendation by Anonymous

            Scott Reuman's River Series pieces take your breath away! We have shown them at osmosis gallery and they are always the pieces that grab the attention of our clients! Scott's pieces exhibit exquisite craftsmanship, creativity and vibrant color!


    Recommendation by Anonymous

            Scott imbues his work with his love of nature, light, and beauty; I am always struck by the simplicity and elegance of his designs and his ability to see the potential in any material. In particular, he has a unique skill in taking an object that was functional and forgettable (e.g., a door) and transforming it such that it is a work of art, a welcome, and an inspiration.

    Highly recommend

    Recommendation by Peter Reuman

            We have five pieces made by the artist. He puts his effort and creativity into each piece. We love what we have and would like to get more.

    Amazing artist and talented, skilled woodworker

    Recommendation by Anonymous

            Scott is my favorite artist. I love his beautiful inlays and his gorgeous lines. His talent amazes me every time I stop by his studio, and I have never seen anyone else that can do what he does with wood.

    Recommendation by Anonymous

    Imaginative designs, expertly crafted. Easy to work with.

    You can build your house around a Reuman

    Recommendation by Anonymous

            Each piece starts with Scott's creativity and craftsmanship. It is guided by your needs and desires. The result is an original, heirloom quality piece that honors the vision of both you and Scott.

    A wonderful craftsman

    Recommendation by Margot Smit

            Scott built me some beautiful front steps to match my Victorian house!

    An Artist of Mind and Spirit

    Recommendation by Carol

            I first met up with Scott in an open Studio tour in Boulder. His home and adjacent studio radiates with the creative energy that spills forth from his brain and hands. The skill of his craftsmanship is matched only by a very active and ingeneous mind. Scott is a real problem solver and no task is too difficult for his scientific & engineering background. What is so remarkable is his ability to combine the talents of both his left and right brain in a sensitive and fresh approach to the object of his design. Having had my own gallery for several years and having worked with many artists on commissions for my clients, I can report from experience that I don't recall a more congenial and compatible artist. The door and driveway project that he created for our home continues to provide the joining of beauty and function which reflects the essence of what is Scott.


    Recommendation by G. Patterson

            I consider myself a lucky owner of a one of a kind cabinet designed and made by Scott Reuman. My gorgeous, 3 drawer cabinet was crafted specifically to hold our piano music and books. This piece will be passed down in our family!

    Recommendation by Anonymous

            Scott Reuman is a sensitive artist with a stong appreciation of the beauty in nature; as it meets the eye, provides a medium for artistic expression, and serves functionally in his pieces. His tables and doors mirror the beauty of flowing water, while his paddles link their users to the rapids they paddle just as he, in life and in prose, links his fellow paddlers to their journey. His skills as craftsman in wood and glass allow him reflect the beaty he sees and share it with us even when we are far from its inspiration, inviting our return to the natural world and bringing a piece of that world to us.

    Recommendation by Anonymous

            Scott Reuman is a beautiful soul and an incredible artist/ woodworker. He is honest and kind and you will see the love he puts into his work reflected in a beautiful finished product. You will enjoy a wonderful experience throughout the entire process and will be left with a well made and loved heirloom.

    Need Something Unique?

    Recommendation by Anonymous

            If you are looking for a unique door, deck, piece of furniture, or just about anything for your home or office, talk to Scott Reuman. Scott is creative and skillful, and dealing with him is fun and enjoyable. He will listen carefully to your requirements and work with you to create a design that reflects what you want, then turn your idea into reality—skilfully and efficiently.


    Recommendation by Anonymous

            Scott's fantastic facility with such a wide range of materials and processes is unique, and his insights, imagination, and determination surely make any project he undertakes unique, exceptional, and gorgeous. You will not regret doing business with him.

    Beautiful work!

    Recommendation by Anonymous

            Scott Reuman is truly a craftsman! His attention to details, along with his imagery, really make his pieces as one of a kind. He is a talented artist who is very passionate about his medium.

    Recommendation by Anonymous

            We highly recommend Scott Reuman's exciting, innovative art forms, marketed through Conundrum Designs Inc.